US Coronavirus Deaths Topping 100,000


US coronavirus death rates peak at 100,000 in under four months.

The US is winning in the last place it wants to be first. US has had more coronavirus deaths than anywhere else in the world and claims almost a solid third of the world’s COVID-19 infections with a staggering 1.69 million confirmed cases.

Trump, who has often been accused of minimizing the seriousness of the pandemic, belatedly tweeted the news the following day as a “sad milestone”.

Since the emergence of the coronavirus from Wuhan in China, the death rate has been estimated at over 350,000. The world total of confirmed infections is a staggering 5.6 million.

The John Hopkins University in Maryland has been tasked with tracking the virus and released the alarming total of US deaths as 100,276. This statistic, though alarming, does not take into account the per capita basis, which sets the US ninth in coronavirus mortality rate.

The death rate is climbing, however, and the infection rates remain persistently high in the bigger cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. To date the most serious number of cases have been found in the North East of the US.

New York has finally seen a decline in their COVID-19 death rates where 21,000 citizens lost their lives. States like North Carolina, Arkansas and Wisconsin are still experiencing a growth in their infection rates.

The Trump administration faces increasing accusations of initially downplaying the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic and not acting promptly enough to curtail its devastating path.

Columbia University conducted a study of the pandemic’s effects on the US and speculated that up to 36,000 people would not have lost their lives if the US Government had reacted more timeously.

Trump continues to cause controversy by claiming that the US deserves a “badge of honour” for their status as the highest rate of coronavirus infections worldwide. His reasoning was that the US’s “testing was much better”.

With the US unemployment rate rocketing with almost 39,000,000 citizens deprived of their income, the US is forging ahead with reopening the economy even as the death toll rises. In some measure or another almost all 50 US states have begun to relax the COVID-19 regulations.

World renowned Disney World in Florida, as well as several Las Vegas casinos plan to open their door in the first half of July, adhering to coronavirus employees testing policies.

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