Violence in Minnesota as Protests Rage over Death of George Floyd


Mass protests both on social media platforms and offline have built up a storm after the recent death of an unarmed black man who was suffocated physically by officers of the Minnesota Police Department. George Floyd, a forty-six-year-old black, is seen in a video of the scene complaining about his inability to breathe while in the chokehold.  This incident is the latest installment in a surging amount of cases of police brutality against people of color, especially blacks. Hundreds of angry persons took to the Minnesota streets to decry the killing of Floyd, calling true justice using a proper prosecution. Championed by the Black Lives Matter movement, a human-rights group that severely condemns willful acts of violence against blacks, the protests resulted in the Police firing several rounds of tear gas and hurled flash grenades.

The four policemen have been fired from their jobs by the Minnesota City Mayor, Jacob Frey, who equally called for the prosecution of the police officer who knelt on George Floyd’s head while being filmed. The protests began Tuesday this week as protesters in their hundreds trooped to the scene of the crime on Monday. The protesters tried to maintain the social distancing rule even as they made known their anger with the police department. The Washington Post learnt from a protester at the scene, Anita Murray, that it was scary to come out and join in on a protest but how on earth could she stay away?

The protests moved to the 3rd Precinct in Minnesota where the officers who orchestrated the killing were believed to have worked until their recent sack. Protesters emptied cans of graffiti on police squad cars while some flung stones at the precinct windows. They were met by an armed resistance in riot gear who fired non-lethal weapons in an attempt to keep back the crowd.

The protesters recorded a couple of injuries as a protester revealed how they lowered to a kneeling position to display the peace sign and got hit by a round of tear gas. Another stated that the Police should acknowledge that this was the kind of society that they had created.

According to the Police, the policemen responded to a call stating that George Floyd had used counterfeit currency at a store and after resisting arrest was placed in the chokehold. Mayor, Jack Frey, has affirmed that he made the right call by firing the policemen and stated for the record that it was and would never be a crime to be a Black in America. Senator from Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar, called on a complete investigation that would ensure justice for George Floyd, justice for the community and justice for the nation.

The matter of police brutality in America had not received much attention until 2012 when the Black Lives Movement led a protest against the killing of African-American Trayvon Martin by a White neighborhood watch guard. In Minnesota’s protest, “I can’t breathe”, the final words of George Floyd, have become a national statement as a show of the gruesome way the victim died.

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