Lady Gaga Releases New Album ‘Chromatica’ as a Nod to her Love of Electro-pop


The Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga has geared up to offer some respite to a world in the clutches of a pandemic, with the release of her newest album ‘Chromatica’, declared to be an energetic collection of dance-pop music that does more than its part to get everyone up on their feet.

‘Chromatica’ contains 16 songs and runs for 43 minutes and kicks off with the single ‘Alice,’ evoking its imagery from its namesake fairytale with lines such as ‘Take me home / Take me to Wonderland.’ The entertainment industry has noted that the album is Gaga’s long-awaited return to the dance-pop aesthetic, a genre with which she made her debut back in 2008, armed with the single ‘Just Dance.’ ‘Chromatica’ is also now hailed as the catchiest, most dance-worthy collection of music since her hit masterpiece ‘Born this way’ released in 2011.

Commenting on the album, Lady Gaga herself said that it is a reflection of her ‘absolute love for electronic music.’ The singles included in the album are Chromatica I, Alice, Stupid Love, Rain on Me, Free Woman, Fun Tonight, Chromatica II, 911, Plastic Doll, Sour Candy, Enigma, Replay, Chromatica III, Sine from above, 1000 Doves, and Babylon.

The album’s lead single ‘Stupid Love’ was released back in the end of February and soon climbed up to the fifth position in both the UK and USA hit music charts. ‘Rain on me’ the second single featuring Ariana Grande was released a little earlier in the month. The album also has a single featuring Elton John.

‘Chromatica’, the name of her album is also the world her album is set in, a dystopian world where all people, sounds and colors merge. This is her sixth studio album and is co-produced by the former Swedish House Mafia icon Axwell, Blood Pop, Burns, Morgan Kibby, Klahr, Liohn, Medeon, Skrillex, and Tchami, under the label Streamline/Interscope.

The electro-pop ‘Chromatica’ is said to contain “anthems that are begging to be played at festivals and gay clubs whenever it is safe again to do so.” The themes of the album revolve around reclaiming one’s self, mental health, and finding happiness.

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