Can Isolation Help You to Find an Inner Peace?


Lately, due to the pandemic, many people are suffering from mental health issues as solitude is devouring them, however, for many wallflowers (introverts) this time is a godsend, as the time behind the walls, away from the tumult, boisterous parties, and lassitude is more enlightening and tranquil.

Since we are in this together, how to really deal with this isolation, how to do away with the paucity? How to increase serotonin – ‘the happy molecule’ in our brain?

Have you ever experienced a full month with no worries, stress, just pure bliss, tranquility, and peace? If not, now is the time, grab it and hold it tight, but how?

Alright, It might seem a little phantasmagorical, don’t worry I won’t be decursive anymore and come straight to the point.

“Your personality plays a big role in deciding your mood, and your subconscious mind works on it subliminally”, says Dr. Sunita Nagpal, a psychology professor, University of Delhi.

You might be abhorring this quarantine, having unpredictable mood swings, blatant feelings, and whatnot.

However, if you tap into the power of your mind, and discern who you are, you’ll not only find peace but the key to your desires.

Have you ever wondered, who are you and what do you truly desire, what are your needs, what 5 things about you love the most, what is the first and foremost thing you’d like to improve about yourself?

Isolation can help you find these answers, and hence peace, the more you know yourself, you’ll start realizing you have the whole universe within you, and you have infinite potential to do extraordinary things.

I’m not exaggerating, when I say you have a potential to do remarkable things, there are so many ordinary people doing extraordinary things, just by tapping within.

How to tap within?

“A zeal to know yourself and connect with your higher self can help you to reach to the zenith, I can only galvanize you to take some action, and show you a roadmap, and with perseverance and willingness, you can become the best version of yourself”, says Kusum Agarwal, a  meditation teacher, at Art of living center, Agra, India.

Remember you don’t need anybody to be your guru, you have an ability to mentor yourself, just isolate, introspect, and ask what are you looking for, and be receptive.

“I took a personality test in 2018, that completely changed my life, it really helped me to discern who I am, and my strengths and weaknesses”, says Kushi Singh, HR manager, Wall Street school, Delhi, India.

I have a key to a goldmine too, which can help you to find not only peace but vitality in everything, and for that, you have to peruse further with devotion.

I don’t want to intimidate you but by the term meditation, as some people take it as mental exertion and physical too, with some uncomfortable tangles in legs and straight back!

Meditation is psychedelia related to conscious breathing, and sometimes we do it without even realizing it.

And you can meditate in your bed too, just lie down and breathe.

Alright, let’s be pragmatic and do a little exercise.

Sit-in a comfortable position and don’t close your eyes, just take a deep breath in, hold it, and release it through your mouth, do at least it three times.

See, I told you, it has magical effects, you might be feeling little light now.

Meditation can help you to know more about yourself and the mysterious universe, you can only receive information when you want to listen, and for that, you certainly need to quiet your mind and be isolated for a while.

“I’m an avid meditator, and it has transmuted my life into a whole new level, I see serendipity everywhere, I have access to esoteric knowledge, and it wasn’t easy in the beginning, I literally used to have 1000s of thoughts, later on, I realized it has nothing to do with it, rather, it is a process of letting go”, says Mahika Sharma, a science student, university of Delhi.

I understand it’s hard to be persistent when you don’t see the results in a day or two, but regular practice can bring edifying and magnificent outcomes.

“Take this isolation as an optimistic event, do not hold a victim mentality as it’ll deteriorate your mind, instead pick a hobby, learn something, watch documentaries, just don’t let your mind wander.”, says Tahani Kumar, entrepreneurship teacher, St. Fidelis School, Aligarh, India.

If you’re still irresolute about what to do, introspect and let faith guide you.



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