The Shift in the Education System


Deleterious effects of COVID-19 have brought a paradigm shift in the hard-wired system of education, not only in the US, UK, or Canada but the whole planet.

“I’ve never wondered if I could pass through my sophomore year without giving any exam”, says Sunidhi Sachdeva, a commerce student at the University of Delhi, India.

Students are nonplussed about how to respond in these unprecedented times.

“With the pressure of continuing the Higher education for better employment opportunities, we are forced to take action and pay a hefty fee to the educational bodies, as they say, this fall we’ll invite students to the campus”, says Prateek Raj, a final year engineering student, applying for MS in computer science, in the USA.

Top universities have shifted their curriculum online, for which students have paid large amounts. It’s certainly equivocal to juxtapose online and offline education when we take in the price, as both are disparate.

When we have the option of choosing from eclectic courses available online for FREE, then why should we pay thousands of dollars, to get the same knowledge.

Offline education is meant to equip us with the practical application of the subject, profound connections, mentors, projects, and placement assistance.

85% of the students take a loan or other financial support to underwrite their higher education and most of them end up paying the debt for the next 5-15 years.

Moreover, the global recession has deteriorated the job market, which has evaporated employment opportunities to a significant extent.

This is certainly an unpropitious time for the students who depend on financial assistance for the higher education, I don’t deny it completely, but one should perspicaciously ponder before making any decision.

To ameliorate this condition, we can choose not to panic and have faith, and try to find a way to crystallize our career, by learning from various laudable sources like EDX, Coursera, Udacity, etc, could help a lot.

Online learning comes with ample benefits of learning from top-notch professors across the globe, with an opportunity to play the videos n number of times, doubt clearing sessions, 1-1 mentorship, Q&A, reliable information, with dirt-cheap prices too.

“I was irresolute about how to make my quarantine period productive, and I ended up learning a 3-month digital marketing course, which landed me a freelance job in Facebook marketing”, says Kiara Gupta, a recent literature graduate from the University of Delhi, India.

These unprecedented times have completely transmuted the education system, now, students are more focused on learning from the online platforms, but some still encumber as they are tightly packed in conventional settings.

This situation demands us to be receptive, breakthrough this turmoil, and not to ossify into the conventional patterns.

“My dear students, it’s very important for y’all to take care of yourself and focus equally on your personal and professional life, don’t be crestfallen by this pandemic, everything will fall in place, have faith in God, and try to learn something from your surroundings, pick a new hobby, master a skill, connect with yourself, and try not subservient and pave your own path, education is about knowledge, and it’s not only found in schools and colleges but everywhere we decide to learn. And this is an incredible time for budding young entrepreneurs, try to make yourself proud”, says Dr. Sanjeewani Sehgal, professor at the University of Delhi.

With alacrity, we can achieve anything and passion speeds up the process, try to be persistent in whatever you learn, and do your research.

Getting mentored could help too, and guess what, it can be free too, there are more than thousands of well-qualified professionals who are willing to mentor students across the world.

Pro tip: Try LinkedIn, hunt for the profile you are interested in, write a beautifully organized text and send a connection request, and ask that person to mentor you.

It works in 80% of the cases.


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