US B-2 Fleet to Meet Its Match as Russia Embarks on Stealth Bomber Production


An impressive land, water, and air force have always been the major way for a country to flex its “Military muscle.”The United States and Russian rivalry dates back to the Cold War era when Russia still went by the Soviet identity. A lot of years have passed, but the competition between these world powers continues though in a subtle manner.  Other nations rival America for its technological advances, which birthed the B-2 stealth bomber. With high-quality stealth technology, this aircraft is one of the most well-equipped war machines with state-of-the-art weapons inclusive of the thermonuclear weapons. Russia has announced that it has begun construction of its stealth fighter, which, upon completion, will stand toe-to-toe with the American breed.

A prototype of the Russian stealth bomber is said to be ready by 2021 as Russia has started the production process of its bomber. Just like the American fleet, the Russian fighter will be fitted with cruise missiles, precision bombs, and hypersonic weapons, the government news agency TASS stated. The aircraft will employ a specific design known as the “flying wing.” They will have the ability to lessen the rate of its visibility on enemy radar, thereby emphasizing its stealth. It will also make use of the latest “signal jamming equipment” and communications system.

According to TASS, the production process forms a portion of a government program defined as “Project 80”. A source from the Russian military also confirmed this plan. Inner workings and design of the Russian stealth fighter are underway with the cockpit the first point of call. Upon completion, the aircraft will be compared to the American B-2 stealth bomber, which was commissioned into service by the US government in 1997. It has cost the American government 44.7 billion dollars at a unit cost of 737 million dollars. The People’s Republic of China has also announced plans to produce its fleet of bombers with an unveiling reported to be fixed for its November 2020 air show.

The planned production will not be Russia’s pioneer stock of stealth fighters as it already lays claim to the Sukhoi-57, which debuted in 2010 but was not made in a high number. The United Kingdom has its fleet of stealth fighters known as the F-35B lightning, produced by America on its behalf, and can average 1,200 miles per hour. Its first use was in 2018, and the Royal Air force has stated that its aircraft can operate undetected in enemy territory.

Stealth fighters’ ability to fly without appearing on the radar is due to the mechanics of their shape, often with sharp edges and angular. It is capable of mirroring radar signals and is built with coated panels to gather radar energy.

The eyes of the world are set on Russia as the plans for the new aircraft take shape. Stealth fighters are not only useful for reconnaissance patrol but can deal huge amounts of damage to enemy installations while flying in incognito mode.

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