Struggling with Online Classes? Use These Strategies


In the wake of Coronavirus, online education has become the new normal. While it is not a new concept, students that traditionally opted for online classes were often provided with an orientation to help them adapt to online learning.

However, the current global emergency came unexpectedly and students and teachers were forced within their homes almost overnight.

This led many students to start their online classes without any sort of preparation. As a result, many have found themselves struggling.

Distance learning is here to stay for the foreseeable future and hence, students must adapt.

In this article, we will be discussing simple strategies that students can employ to keep up with the pace of online education.

Craft Your Own Schedule

 One of the first things that the worldwide lockdown messed up was our personal schedules. Students that were used to waking up early and spending 6 hours in their schools/universities were suddenly confined to their homes.

However, not having a schedule is the easiest way to lose out on productivity and focus. On the other hand, having a schedule will keep you accountable.

To make a schedule that works, begin by jotting down the number of hours you need to spend on live online sessions. Then, think about the average amount of time you spend on assignments. With this information, you can begin creating a daily schedule that you can follow. Make sure you don’t overestimate your abilities and make it a point to dedicate enough time for every task on your schedule.

 Dedicate A Space To Learning

 Having a dedicated space for classes and assignments will help you “get in the zone” whenever you are supposed to be studying.

Make sure this space is free of clutter and distractions. Also,, ensure that you don’t use this space for any other purpose except for studying or completing assignments.

This way, slowly, your mind will start associating this space with productive activities,, and eventually, you will be able to work/study with effortless focus as soon as you enter your in-house “classroom”.

 Ask More Questions

 It is easy to get disconnected from your peers and teachers when you are attending online classes. This calls for conscious efforts from your side to clear doubts and participate in the classes you attend.

Chances are, your teachers/school/university has established a well-oiled process for students to clear their doubts. It is strongly recommended to utilize this process to your advantage.

If, however, you cannot locate such a process, you can always reach out to one of your teachers through email. They will be happy to clear out your doubts and in the future, will be inclined to make sure you or any other students don’t have any unanswered doubts or questions at the end of their lectures.


 The trick to adapting to online classes is to treat them like regular classes. Have a definitive space within your home that can act as your classroom, make sure you are always on time and don’t hesitate in reaching out to your teachers and mentors if you have any doubts.

How are you keeping up with the new distance learning mode of delivering education? Share your strategies with us (and everyone else) in the comment section below.





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