How the U.S Has Been Affected by COVID-19


With the U.S standing as the most devastated country due to the Coronavirus, the nation endures as its economy undergoes immense pressure and its citizens look to a brighter future.

Death has been a haunting factor in the lives of so many Americans amid the outbreak of Covid-19 in February up until now. So far, the U.S is nearing 100,000 deaths from the virus. Families and friends all over the country have lost loved ones and friends due to the virus and the overflow of medical emergencies in hospitals across the nation have sparked a national health crisis. NYC, among other states, was heavily hit by a flood of Covid-19 patients. Many of the city’s hospitals have been filled to their maximum capacity, forcing temporary pop-up hospitals to open. Many suffers experience severe breathing problems and have needed ventilators to maintain oxygen. Without these ventilators, thousands have died; however, there have been deaths related to these machines, too. In fact, an article from WebMD claims, “experts estimate that between 40% and 50% of patients die after going on ventilation, regardless of the underlying illness, Chaddha said.” It seems that regardless of what medical resources have tried to aid or prevent virus symptoms, the deaths of virus victims have remained.

Freedom is now restricted for the land of free. Grocery stores are seemingly the only places regularly open. The liberties of playing in parks, shopping at the mall, and going to the movies have been taken away. With quarantine still in effect and social distancing the new normal, isolation has remained consistent throughout the nation. Insignificant freedoms like shaking a hand or standing next to someone in line at the food store are now defined by limitations. Students are obligated to continue their education online and employees have been either laid off or forced to work from home. Mask wearing has caused controversy during the pandemic, often involving conflict between governmental health guidelines and personal choice. Individuals who choose not to wear masks in public are often ridiculed and subtly judged by others. One projection said Americans will be wearing masks for 12-18 more months as the nation anticipates a vaccine in the fall of 2020.

Economic concerns are on the rise with thousands out of work and the U.S economy on shutdown. The need for an economic recovery is escalating.  Unemployment rates have skyrocketed, leaving many out of pay. An article from The Conversation writes, “of the 800,000 federal employees affected by the shutdown, 420,000 are working without pay while the rest have been furloughed.” The truth is, our economy needs workers to be paid so the consumer market can continue. Without paychecks and purchases, our economy could crash. And despite essential workers remaining at work, their spending has been reduced due to delayed payment. For workers who have been furloughed, spending has also been reduced. These furloughed workers were sent home, resulting in them going out less and staying in more. In combination, unpaid workers cause a decline in sales, which dramatically impacts the health of the economy in a negative way. And with each passing week, credit cards and savings accounts reach their limit, increasing the need for economic resumption, leaving the country desperate for a sudden resolution.

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