Biggest Yet Global Rise in COVID-19 Cases: Experts Say the Worst Is Far From Over


On Sunday, 21st of June, the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported the biggest yet global jump in cases of COVID-19, with 183,020 new cases reported in the 24-hour period.

The total number of COVID-19 cases in the world now stands at over 8.7 million.

While some experts are warning of a second imminent wave of the virus expected in the upcoming months, these numbers are proof that the first wave is still going strong.

Out of the 183,020 cases reported on Sunday, more than 106,000 cases were reported in just three countries, namely, Brazil (55,000), USA (36,000), and India (15,000). So far, the virus has claimed the lives of more than 472,000 human beings.

Recently, US President Donald Trump gave a statement in which he blamed the spike in cases on widespread testing. He said, “When you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more cases. So, I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down.’ They test and they test.”

However, experts like Director of Health Security at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School Of Public Health, Dr. Tom Inglesby says that the spike cannot be explained with more testing, and can better be associated with the gradual opening of economic activity worldwide.

Caitlin Rivers, another expert working at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School Of Public Health advises against warning people of a second wave. In her opinion, the talk of a second wave gives people the false understanding that the worst is over.

Out of the total cases reported on Sunday, over 116,000 were reported from the American continents, with US and Brazil emerging as the worst hit countries.

The death toll in Brazil surpassed 50,000 yesterday. Amid this situation, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro continues to reject Coronavirus as a valid threat, labeling it as “just a flu”. This worries many experts that the real number of cases is far more than the country is reporting.

The situation is quite similar in the neighbouring continent of Europe. As Germany begins its systematic resumption of economical activities, the German authorities reported a rising reproduction rate of the virus on Sunday, sitting at 2.88. This means, for every 100 citizens infected with the virus, an additional 288 will also get infected.

While in some parts of the world, like the USA, people are blatantly ignoring the seriousness of the situation by staging mass protests that flout social distancing norms, 3.6 million worshippers witnessed the first sunrise of summer at Stonehenge virtually.

As Britain continues its lockdown restrictions, only a small group of druids, that claim they are the direct descendants of the ancient religion, gathered in a nearby field to witness the Sunday sunrise in person.

China and South Korea, both countries that were previously thought to have beaten Coronavirus, are reporting new cases as well. On Sunday, China reported 25 new cases and South Korea reported 48 new cases.

Thankfully, both countries have decided to employ strict measures to control the spread of the virus. Earlier, both countries had allowed eased restrictions but the reappearance of the virus in the population has led them to take this decision.





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