Coronavirus Vaccine Update: Are We Any Closer to a Cure?


The WHO (World Health Organisation) on Sunday reported the biggest yet spike in the number of coronavirus cases across the world. Having caused over 474,000 deaths globally, the COVID19 has wreaked havoc on society and the global economy.

As emergency workers risk their lives every day to help save lives, scientists and pharmaceutical researchers are also doing their part by making efforts to create a vaccine for the virus.

Globally, there are 140+ different potential vaccines being developed by researchers. Looking at the seriousness of the situation, governments and pharmaceutical companies are cooperating to cut down the time taken in developing a vaccine. The process, which normally stretches into several years, is being fast-tracked in hopes of creating a cure for the virus in the near future.

Out of the total 140+ candidates, 20 are engaged in different stages of human trials and thankfully, some have shown truly promising results.

Among these, the most promising candidates have emerged out of the United States Of America, The United Kingdom, and Germany.

In the US, pharmaceutical giant Moderna recently passed the phase 2 human trials after showing promising results in the phase 1 trials back in May. Now, the company is seeking government approvals to start phase 3 human trials in July. If all goes according to Moderna’s plans, the company claims to be ready with vaccine doses by the beginning of 2021.

The second promising candidate is being developed by German pharmaceutical company Biotech, in partnership with New York’s Pfizer and Chinese drugmaker Fosun Pharma. The trio started human trials for the potential vaccine back in May, and have now succeeded in the second phase of human trials. If approvals are given on time and the drug performs well in the third stage of human trials, Pfizer claims to be ready with a few million doses by fall.

Another promising Coronavirus vaccine candidate is being developed in the United Kingdom at the Imperial College Of London. Phase 1 and 2 trials of the vaccine were started on 15th June. The research branch of Imperial College Of London has partnered with local pharmaceutical giant Morningside Ventures for the manufacturing and distribution of the vaccine if it proves effective in the human trials. The vaccine will be developed by a new company called VacEquity Global Health, formed as a result of this partnership.

There are a couple of other promising Coronavirus vaccines being developed in the US by companies like Inovio and Curevac but these haven’t yet made it to the second phase of human trials.

On the other hand, India has made available two tablets, one Ayurvedic and the other allopathic. The manufacturer of the ayurvedic tablets known as Coronil, a local ayurvedic brand known as Patanjali, claims that their COVID19 drug can cure Coronavirus within 14 days.

The other oral antiviral COVID19 drug, called Favipiravir, is manufactured by a local pharmaceutical company known as Glenmark and has shown promising results for patients with mild to moderate symptoms. The drug is on sale at a retail price of ₹103 ($1.36) per tablet.




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