Kazakhstan Terms China’s “Unknown Pneumonia” Claims as FAKE


Kazakhstan’s health care minister on Friday gave a statement regarding China’s claim of a new virus on Friday. The embassy statement was “it is all just fake news”.

The ministry stated that they are in line with the World Health Organisation and its bacterial, fungal, and respiratory infections which put together caused an increase in the number of patients. “The information discovered by some Chinese media regarding a brand new kind of respiratory disease in Kazakhstan is wrong,” the ministry said.

On Thursday in Kazakhstan, a warning was issued by the Chinese embassy regarding an unknown disease. It also stated that the “unknown pneumonia” is spreading all over the country and has killed more than 600 individuals in June alone.

Chinese embassy mentioned that they are highly tensed about their citizens living among the previous Soviet alliance country, as this “unknown pneumonia” is much more deadlier than Covid-19 and it can sweep out huge numbers of people.

According to Chinese state media, on Wednesday Kazakhstan’s health care minister stated that the amount of individuals infected by this respiratory disease is 2-3 times more than the one sickened by a coronavirus.

On its Wechat platform, the Chinese embassy said that unknown pneumonia which Kazakh ministry thinks as a normal respiratory disease has caused 1772 deaths and these deaths include Chinese citizens too.

While Kazakh media considered it as merely a respiratory disease on the other hand Chinese officers didn’t clarify why it is termed as unknown and do they have any other information regarding the same.

It was put together not illustrious if the World Health Organization had been enlightened regarding the “unknown pneumonia”.

“The Chinese embassy in the state reminds Chinese nationals here to grasp matters and accelerate prevention to lower the infection risks,” the embassy statement said.

Moments when the Chinese embassy denoted the notification on its WeChat platform, folks started posting and talking regarding the “unknown pneumonia” on Sina Weibo.

“What has happened to the planet in 2020? 1st, the COVID-19, and presently another pneumonia? All we wish for the year is to live safely,” wrote a netizen.

According to a Reuters report, China is the main market for Kazakhstan. In terms of exports, China is a major capitalist in oil- and metals-rich Kazakhstan dominated by commodities. The Asian nation put together makes money from Chinese merchandise carried across its territory to Europe.

In April, the Chinese ambassador was called upon by Kazakhstan’s foreign ministry. The ministry protested against an article that was posted on a Chinese website. The article claimed Kazakhstan is very keen to become a part of China.

Both countries mostly avoid criticizing each other so this incident can be termed as a rare one. It would be interesting to see whether this “unknown pneumonia” exists or it is just a reply for Kazakhstan’s foreign ministry’s call.

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