Nepotism Outrage Reaches Music Industry


The Suicide by the Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput made nepotism the current hot
topic for debate. When fans showed their anger over star kids, and how real talent is
submerged under star families, the outrage soon reached the music industry too.

Adding fuel to the fire Singer Sonu Nigam claimed during a recent video that the film music
industry is run on nepotism and favoritism. He claimed that the favour games happen in the
music industry still. Sonu further added that newcomer singers and musicians don’t get
enough opportunities because of outsider factors.

On 15th June the famous Indian singer released a video in which he jumped down on the
popular music producer Bhusan Kumar’s throat. Sonu heavily criticised the music producer
in a new video titled “Laaton ke MAFIA baaton se nahi maante.”

The video comes days when Sonu’s hard-hitting video concerning the film music industry
that he claims is going past solely 2 corporations who decide who ought to sing and who

The singer then added that if music VIP’s do not want to witness any kind of suicides in the
music industry then they should be kind to young talent. Within the video, he repeatedly said
that favouritism prevails in this industry so much and claimed that whoever tried to raise
voice against it, they made their mouth shut.

After this highly controversial video, many musicians and singers came in support of Sonu
whereas some said that industry runs totally on talent.

Well again in the latest video, Sonu expressed his anger towards the music trade. This time
he condemned a bunch of “six singers”, which included names like Armaan Mallik too, who
released free statements refuting his claims concerning the functioning of the music trade.
Several musicians and singers like Manoj Muntashir, Ankit Tiwari, Adnaan Sami and Shaan
supported Sonu.

According to Shaan You can call it making ‘camps’, your own set of rules, however,
favouritism in music is incredibly tough. Singing is such a factor, simply because your
parents sing, doesn’t mean you can sing too.

The singer said on one hand he totally agrees with Sonu but on the other hand, suicides are
not justified. One has to be sturdy enough to fight every problem and death is not a solution.
You must realize new avenues, why do you have to become therefore passionate about
music labels.

Shaan further stated that these days if he builds a song and if he features his son in it, then
the success of the song solely depends upon his throat all though its convenient. But if the
case is not so i.e. his son’s voice is not good enough and if he still forces him then this is not
done. somebody must settle for it. They will get possibilities once or double, however there
are such a big number of star children who are failures, no favouritism helps them.

So in an exceedingly notable flip of tables once Sonu’s video went viral, netizens started
calling for unsubscribing to T-series – the country’s foremost Music label on YouTube.
However, the humour outweighed the trend on Twitter quite spontaneously, as netizens
started comparing the decision to unsubscribe T-series leading to the Swedish content
creator PewDiePie closing the gap towards changing into the foremost signed YouTube
creator. It will be notable to see where this battle heads.

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